These book lists provide a starting point for any program library.

Book Selection
A comprehensive site library contains fiction and nonfiction, multiple genres, books at multiple levels, and reading materials other than books such as magazines, journals, or newspapers. There should be books appropriate for reading aloud as well as books appropriate for independent reading. This means that if programs are asking kindergarten and first graders to independently read, there need to be books at their independent reading level. A comprehensive library also contains books of interest. Many programs receive donations of books and it is important to determine if the books will interest the youth. If the books are extremely dated or irrelevant, consider using them for a different purpose than independent reading.

How to Level Books
Many youth in the Des Moines Public Schools know the Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading Level they are reading at. Leveling the books in program libraries will help youth with book selection and to ensure they are reading a 'just right' book. Use the attached document to level books in site libraries.

Top Book Picks for 2013
These lists come from the International Reading Association. Previous years top book picks are also available at the website:

Recommended K-5 Read Alouds from the Literacy Coaches
Check out a list of some of the coaches' favorite read alouds for elementary students.

School Library Journal’s Top Picture Books

HAISLN RECOMMENDED READING LIST 2013 PreSchool, PreKindergarten, Kindergarten