This page provides resources that may be of interest to participating programs and stakeholders of the OST Initiative.

Iowa Afterschool Alliance website:
IAA on Facebook:
United Way of Central Iowa website:
Campaign for Grade Level Reading website:
Reading Rockets website:
SEDL literacy curriculum website:

MLK Jr. Activities
K-1st Grade

2nd-5th Grade

Middle School

Activities to use with books:
Snowy Extension Activities

Arthur Extension Activities

The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me Extension Activities

Stellaluna Extension Activities

SkippyJon Jones Extension Activities

Six Crows and the Wish Pillow Extension Activities

Resources from the Coaches' "Beyond the Bell" training, October 2014:
These are Word documents, and you are free to alter, save, and use in any way you find useful. There are lots more to share from the training, so contact Angela or Kate if you'd like to have more!

Eudtopia article on "Integrating Games into Learning"

All K-3 children in Iowa now have a free account with BookFlix! Bookflix is a tool that many families can use at home to support reading and it is also a tool that teachers could promote as a free resource for families. Schools have a log in and password that they can send home with all students grades K-3. !

Word Nerds: Teaching all kids to learn and love vocabulary
Use this awesome e-book to learn about teaching vocabulary to high-need youth!

Metro Kids Team Leader Training Agenda
Tips for combating the Summer Slide through theme planning and lots of ideas for literacy activities!

Reading Volunteers
Many programs have volunteers from various organizations who come and read with youth. These bookmarks can be a resource to volunteers to guide them in supporting the use of reading and comprehension strategies. Comprehension is key! Questions are provided for volunteers to ask youth in order to get them thinking about reading.

Integrating Literacy into Existing Programming
Suggestions and tips for integrating literacy are provided. These may be adapted to meet the needs of youth served. This document originally served as a guide for a professional development session.

PACE Kids Summer Resources
Summer program plan that includes literacy and activity blocked learning, literacy activities divided by grade-level and lesson plans that include field trip ideas. These resources can be used as outline tools for adapting activities to meet the needs of the youth served. Please contact Angela if you would like to know more.

Literacy-Rich Environment Resources
Difference between a literacy-rich and non-rich environment:

Literacy-Rich environments for students with disabilities:

Books Make a Difference

Evaluating Apps
Programs using iPads, kindles, or other devices that support the use of apps should take advantage of the following resource.

Ames-ISU afterschool tutoring model news: