Resources on Using Technology to Support Literacy

Academic Online Games, Apps and More for Use in OST

Professor Word
Here's a link to an EdWeek article about this free application that builds vocabulary as kids browse any website:
And here is the Professor Word website where it can be downloaded for free:

Find and use thousands of FREE games, videos, and interactives in all major K-12 subjects and aligned to the Common Core.

Sheppard Software Fun Educational Games
Select games by subject. Quality games on a variety of subjects are offered including math, language arts, US and world geography, science, nutrition, and puzzles.

Find the perfect educational app for your program! All apps are scored by a panel of experts and reviewed by educators to ensure quality. Search by age and subject.

iPad Posters:
Here are some posters to help with managing iPad rules in your room!

An app to help you easily align your programming with Common Core principles.

Nook Resources:
Get the most out of your Nook with these handy tools and tips!

Game Classroom:
Math and language arts games for Kindergarten through 6th grade to build fluency with facts and skills. Select by grade level and subject.

Game On Learning:
-These games for elementary students are a fun way for young readers and writers to practice phonics, basic grammar, spelling and sentence structure:
-Math games for kids helps make learning math fun with flash cards, worksheets, and activities. Online learning through interesting games means math doesn't have to be boring and difficult.
-A range of elementary appropriate games based on various science topics from biology to astronomy to physics and more.
-From Geography to History to Economics, these games reinforce elementary social studies skills.

Language is a Virus:
Appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students, these writing games provide practice for skills and concepts as well as offer creative outlets for expressing the written word.
Writing Prompts and activities:

Game Aquarium:
This site has links to many games that can be selected by subject. Some of the games are at sites that offer a 30 day free trial or require a login. Teachers/Staff members should preview games and select ones to use prior to letting students access the site. This site also contains advertisements.

Brain Nook
A fun site with a variety of interactive games in math and language that can be selected by grade level. The site requires teacher/staff member to register for a free account and create a class code.

Discovery Games
For grades 3-8, this site has games based on the Discovery Channel’s popular shows. Most games are science based but require literacy skills.

This site offers a variety of games that can be selected by age range then subject. Subjects include math, language arts, science, and social studies.

More academic websites can be found in the following document

Evaluating Apps
If your program has access to tablets that can run apps, use this resource to learn how to evaluation an app and to find different kinds of educational apps.